Ghostlight Podcast Season Two Episode Three “Rarer Monsters”

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It’s cursed! CURSED!!! Let’s all say “Macbeth” in the theatre and may misfortune reign! The Macbeth curse trips up the director of “Romeo & Juliet,” or was it mere belief in the curse? No matter, reborn-in-Berlin or not, pretension is sure to follow. Revenue Canada is coming for Ellen, as the thin veneer of denial over Oliver’s return is shattered and she begins to choose up sides in contentious debate over the aforementioned work…

Hear as we discuss the World’s Oldest Interns, Mr. Archer’s rage, and what’s-her-name from Season One (or that boat movie?) And did Geoffrey blow up his Ikea furniture, or did we just get confused?

I am the Marmot! Goo goo ga joob!

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