Yes Mother Podcast, Bates Motel episode #05 “Ocean View”

bates-motel-s01e05-ocean-view_1098764In episode 5 Ocean View of Bates Motel Norma gets bailed out of jail.  Norman and Norma fight a lot.  Norman tells Emma he found the girl in Shelby’s basement and he tells Emma he slept with Bradley.  Emma tries to explain the difference between a hookup and a relationship.  Ethan gets shot and Dylan gets revenge on the guy who shot him.  Dylan tells Norman he got his own place and he wants Norman to come live with him.  And Shelby saves the day and the murder charges against Norma get dropped.  Norman and Emma find the girl and take her to the motel and Norma finds out Norman was right about Shelby and the girl.  Listen along as Emily and Sue recap and discuss this plot moving along episode of Bates Motel.

Oh, and Norman and Dylan take an adorable motorcycle ride.