Ghostlight Podcast Season Three, Episode One “Divided Kingdom”


It’s back to New Burbage for the third and final season of “Slings & Arrows!” Geoffrey, Richard, and the rest of our troupe should be basking in success. The festival has been saved from financial disaster. Geoffrey’s “Macbeth” has just wrapped a run on Broadway. There is a new and exciting season fast approaching, and “King Lear” can have a big-name Canadian Actor and a special effects budget.

But Geoffrey’s psyche has thrown uncontrollable public weeping into the mix. He is unable to get his head into the game with Lear, and with choosing from a broad range of talent for his lead. Richard is struggling with living like a successful man, and an unexpected bad date throws his whole raison d’etre into question.

Throw in Darren Nichols directing a major stage musical, and you just know it is going to be a certain special, uncomfortable fun.

Listen in as we:

Discuss the comparative merits of different kinds of fog-making.

Ponder over just what musical Darren might have in mind.

Look forward to a drug storyline which is not being played for stupid pot jokes.

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