Yes Mother: A Bates Motel Podcast, Season 2 finale, “The Immutable Truth” Part I

imagePart I? Yes- we found so much to talk about on this gem of a finale, we kind of kept going for 2 podcasts worth. We forwent What We’ve Been Watching though, to make up for it. In this finale, we get Norman rescued, see a couple deaths we have all been hoping for, watch Romero be Batman, see Emma get some answers (and then promptly want to put those answers right back where they were), and Norma face some very tough decisions- but at least she wasn’t alone to do that (and big no- we don’t mean George). Norman needs to pass a seemingly impossible lie detector test…. But we don’t get to most of that here. In this first part of the podcast, Sue and Em discuss feedback and everything up to and including Norman’s (that’s the ship name Norman’s) “last” dance. We also pretty much swoon and go all girlie on all the touching moments the show provided, then we discuss Buffy podcasts for a while.  Join us!

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