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View from the Peaks: a “Twin Peaks” episode review

Pilot – “Northwest Passage”

I was 8 when “Twin Peaks” first aired on April 8, 1990 and while I was not allowed to watch it I remember my mom setting the VCR to record the newest episode; I remember the TV Guide section of the newspaper printing a graph to show how everyone was connected; I’ve seen references to it in “Psych”, “Gravity Falls”, “Veronica Mars” and “Community”; I have spent most of my life knowing the quotes “Who killed Laura Palmer?” and “This as a damn fine cup of coffee.”

But I never watched a single episode… until now.

After some initial confusion over picking the original or international pilot (the internet told me to stick with original) my DVD booted up and I was introduced to the Log Lady – which left me feeling like I was watching public access TV in Night Vale.

The introduction of the major plot point happened fairly quickly and then we spent the next 45 minutes watching everybody cry. Like, bad soap opera crying. At the drop of a hat. Really, the sheriff walks into your classroom, doesn’t say a word, but somehow you look at him then look at an empty chair and start bawling?

donna cryingThen another girl is missing but before we can blink she’s walking out of the woods in a torn and bloody nightgown. This prompts the arrival of FBI agent Dale Cooper and we discover that Laura has a super small piece of paper under her fingernail with the letter R on it, which the FBI agent says is a clue to a serial killer.

At this point we move away from the crying and on to the part of the episode I call “When is this show taking place?”. Without the major trends (mod in the 60’s, disco in the 70’s, or punk in the 80’s) to pin the time frame, Twin Peaks plays on the small town time warp; the teens are set as jocks vs bikers, the doctor makes house calls and knows everyone by name, and the local dinner is so chock full of kitsch you can hardly find the pie.

The episode finally fizzles out to the end and I’m left wondering what the heck I just watched. But a lot of people – who generally have good taste in TV – have told me this show is awesome so episode two here I come.

Quote of the episode: “The Norwegians are leaving! The Norwegians are leaving! The Norwegians are leaving! The Norwegians are leaving!”

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Twin Peaks: The Complete Series (The Definitive Gold Box Edition)

Sue Watches Buffy #10 (Graduation Day, Parts I & II)

Buffy-Series-3-Graduation-day-Part2-nicholas-brendon-6713092-1124-842Well, gosh- put on your graduation caps and robes and come revisit Sunnydale Class of ’99 with Em and Sue as we watch the finale of season 3. We have many goodbyes in this episode: we say goodbye to Sunnydale High, the mayor in his human form (and demon form, for that matter), conscious Faith , Angel and his relationship with Buffy (yippee!), the library, Snyder, Harmony (…seriously Sue- she died), the soda machine that gives you Coke when you push root beer, listen to me… I sound like Willow. We are actually excited to move on to season 4 with all it’s mysteries it may contain, we get a new show to watch, etc. It’s all good.

Sue Watches Buffy #01


CompleteBuffy_Halloween_S2_E6_willowOn this week’s edition of Yes Mother, it’s a Sue Watches Buffy episode! We discuss the first 6 episodes of season 2. We discuss what we like and didn’t like. Sue comes up with some predictions. And listener Keri points out in some feedback that Buffy’s father is played by the actor that played Almonzo in Little House in the Prairie. Sue is pretty excited about this because she thought Almonzo was one of her first childhood crushes. But about 10 minutes after recording she realizes she was thinking of Albert the whole time. Almonzo was the creepy older guy Laura marries way too young and Sue definitely did not have a crush on him. Listen along if you are curious about what Sue thinks of Buffy!

Quadruple Z Episode #019 – Review of House 6×9 – “Ignorance is Bliss”


Join Tabz, Emma and Heidi as they discuss House Season 6, Episode 8, “Ignorance is Bliss.”

It’s Thanksgiving, and the team discover they have little to be thankful for in their personal lives. Meanwhile, House takes on the illness of a brilliant physicist who has rejected his intellect to work as a courier (from

This episode was edited by Heidi.

Quadruple Z Episode #018 – Review of Chuck S2x14 – Chuck vs. The Best Friend



Join Tabz, Kim and Garrett as they discuss Chuck Season 2, Episode 14, “Chuck Vs. The Best Friend.”

When Anna’s new boyfriend turns out to be connected to the Triads, Chuck is ordered to spy on him by becoming his friend, thereby endangering his friendship with Morgan.
Meanwhile Jeff and Lester want to perform at Ellie and Devon’s wedding with their band called “Jeffster!” (from

Jeffster at ComicCon 2009 (YouTube)

This episode was edited by Heidi

Quadruple Z Episode #017 – Review of Veronica Mars S1x1 – Pilot


Join Tabz, Kim and Emma as they discuss one of their favorite shows Veronica Mars.

Veronica’s junior year at Neptune High gets off to a rocky start as she is targeted by the P.C.H. Biker Gang for helping a snitch who later becomes one of her best friends.

Meanwhile, her dad, Keith, forbids Veronica to investigate Jake Kane, a local billionaire and father of Duncan Kane, her ex-boyfriend. Ignoring his orders, she makes a shocking discovery about her family’s past (from

This episode was edited by John N.

Childrens Hospital Season 3 on DVD and Acting Like a Kid

In Children’s Hospital it’s easy to say that Dr. Owen and Dr. Ritchie act a lot like kids. Not that I blame them (for all the stuff they’ve gone through in the past).

I love doing “kid” things: coloring, painting, watching cartoons. I had a blast when I got to visit my nieces and had the “excuse” to do all of those things. One of my favorite things to do, that I’ve enjoyed such being a kid, is telling ridiculous stories. Most of the books I buy and read are for kids (I especially love Elementary school novels). I’m the first to admit I’m a giant kid at heart.

I think keeping that youthfulness keeps you feeling healthy and optimistic. How about you?

Live every funny and childish moment from Children’s Hospital, now on DVD:

If you haven’t watched the show yet, here’s a taste:

Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season on… by thewbdotcom

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for Childrens Hospital.

Childrens Hospital: Don’t Work on Saturdays?

My first full time job was at a dot com business that was just at the “we’re out of the garage and going to the penthouse suite” stage in it’s development. When I was first hired we worked in a run-down office building that, every time it rained, the electricity would go out and, until it came back on, they’d have wheeled chair races. In an office like that, it’s easy to hear a million excuses why work doesn’t get done. Like on Childrens Hospital, a wacky show that playfully mocks the medical drama genre, the characters remind me a lot of my workmates at my old job. The doctors at Childrens Hospital don’t work Saturdays and that often leads to some crazy situations for both them and their patients.

If you haven’t seen Childrens Hospital yet, it was originally a web-series created by The Daily Show alum Rob Corddry during the Writer’s Strike. The original episodes were 5 minutes long, it bumped up to 15 minutes when it joined Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] line up. The new series premiered this last week. Corddry himself appears as the lead (the clown doctor), and there’s a cast of great TV alumns like Megan Mullally (Will & Grace), Lake Bell (Boston Legal) and Henry Winkler (Happy Days, Arrested Development).

For an idea of what the show is about check out this clip:

Childrens Hospital: The Complete Third Season on… by thewbdotcom

You can pick up Season 3 of Childrens Hospital now from the WB shop:

I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Childrens Hospital.’

QuadrupleZ Has Seen the Pilot for Elementary

Lucy Lu and Johnny Lee Miller in Elementary

Did I mention I was a huge Sherlock Holmes fan? HUGE Holmes nerd (I still can’t call him by his first name, it seems wrong). Ever since my dad bought me my first large red leather edition of “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,” I’ve been hooked.

Since the beginning of my love of Sherlock Holmes I’ve been very interested into the scholarly work behind the fandom. I’ve heard every theory and read many papers on the various interpretations behind Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson’s relationship. I’m pretty much a hardcore purist in many ways. I believe that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are the purist form of friendship that one can find in fictional characters.

When I heard that CBS was doing a version of the British “Sherlock” (which I love), I was interested. When I heard they were making Watson a woman, I was concerned. When I saw some the trailers I was mildly worried.

So when I found out that they were going to be showing the pilot at ComicCon I tried to enter with a optimistic mind. After all, I had been wary of “Sherlock” itself. It was hard to picture Sherlock Holmes removed from Victoria England, but it worked for “Sherlock,” so maybe I was being too quick to judge. Perhaps the other elements of the show would be fantastic.


While I wasn’t blown away by the pilot, I wasn’t entirely turned off either. The acting was amazing thanks to Lucy Liu (Watson) and Jonny Lee Miller (Holmes). The real credit goes to Jonny Lee Miller who makes an intense Holmes that is different from Benedict Cumberbatch, but still rings true to the character. Lucy Liu is a good foil for his character, providing quiet strength to every scene she’s in, but a bit of humor as well (which is sadly very needing).

Another shining point was the music, but that may be changed before the episode airs this fall, but hopefully not by much. The music choices really had a good balance of tradition and modern and added a lot to the series.

Sadly, the show fails when it comes to writing. There’s way too much talking heads and very little action. The show removed some of the visual elements that had really saved “Sherlock” and instead Miller is forced to drone (on… and on…) for a majority of the episode. This can be brutal for even non-Holmesians who are forced to just hear someone say how clever they are rather than see it for themselves.

As a fan, I was a bit disappointed on several fronts. The show also plays up Sherlock Holmes’ drug addiction (which is a major story line in the TV show, but never that big of a factor in the original stories). Very little else came from the source material other than the surprising choice to have Holmes keep bees (which, in the original stories, he does upon retiring). Another disappointment? Sherlock has sex (not because he enjoys it apparently, but because it’s “necessary,” which makes my skin crawl).

I do hope the show picks up the action and emulates some of the things that have made Sherlock so wonderful. Otherwise, it’s just a show about a crazy person who talks a lot and his female companion…

BluthCast Episode 6- Charity Drive

Wait what is this BluthCast you speak of? No they said it would never return! Well whoever said that was a fracking liar; because BluthCast is back in slightly full force! Unfortunately Katie was very slightly eaten by a bear so she unfortunately was not able to make it to the record. Kelly Jo reveals she her (not so secret) secrets of ObserverCast. John doesn’t eat fried rice for breakfast. Ryan still hates Gob. And our lovely guest Gabby from PotentialCast tells us how Arrested Development truly does prepare you for prison. Also Kelly Jo talks about Gang Balls…. it makes sense in the episode….

The episode description at the beginning of the episode is from

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