BluthCast Episode 6- Charity Drive

Wait what is this BluthCast you speak of? No they said it would never return! Well whoever said that was a fracking liar; because BluthCast is back in slightly full force! Unfortunately Katie was very slightly eaten by a bear so she unfortunately was not able to make it to the record. Kelly Jo reveals she her (not so secret) secrets of ObserverCast. John doesn’t eat fried rice for breakfast. Ryan still hates Gob. And our lovely guest Gabby from PotentialCast tells us how Arrested Development truly does prepare you for prison. Also Kelly Jo talks about Gang Balls…. it makes sense in the episode….

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On the Next BluthCast we’ll be discussing In God We Trust.


BluthCast is an introcast about the TV show, Arrested Development. The hosts review the show episode by episode with newbies. Send your feedback and love to

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