Yes Mother: S3E1 “A Death in the Family”

0146878dba9b1d83762f7755922daf0ba17a50cdb7Bates Motel is back and so are we!  It’s good to be back to White Pine Bay, even if our recent audio troubles followed us here*.  Dylan’s back in the house, Norman and Norma are spooning, Emma’s at the front desk, all seems right with the world.  Psycho world, that is.  Crazy things are being set up for what will hopefully be the best season yet!  Join Em and Sue as we recap the episode, go over our guest book reservations, open up a new B & B (it’s not weird), and read your feedback!


*I am almost 100% certain I have figured out the problem and can now avoid it, so sorry again- let it never happen again!  MOSE! OLAF?

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