IdjitCast Season Two Episode Seven “The Usual Suspects”

This week Supernatural fills out a thin script with a little stunt casting. Dean is suspected of murder, while the ghost they were investigating gets inexplicably cryptic. Sit down with your favorite pea soup and listen along…

Darcy is once more on assignment at a bridal show for some reason, but we have with us our loyal guest Carol, who helps us discover:

That the show is capable of respecting important Season One events, even aside from the main show backstory.

John met a somewhat tired Linda Blair at a con once, and Yvette shares some dating history (hint, she didn’t date Linda Blair).

Character names as Buffy reference.

We mistake an inkjet printer for a fax machine, then discuss our secrets to forgery we never employ.

We take a detour down Rockford Road.

We discover America’s big balls and Paul takes time to drop reference to his podcast novella.

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