Yes Mother: Bates Motel S5E7 “Inseparable” Feedback

It’s feedback time! The action at the hotel this week slowed down a little, but don’t get too comfortable, the yellow crime scene tape should be pretty easy to dodge. The B & B heard a lot of commotion in the main room and kitchen, but that didn’t wreck game night in the least.   You may have noticed a familiar face this week you haven’t seen for some time- Dylan is back!  His towels are a little softer and fluffier than Chicks, but they lacked his signature spring of thyme folded into it.  We know Norma’s were the best, but she is still missing, we are sure Norman is right- she is just “at the store”.  Hang in there, and once again- sorry for Norman’s towels, we know they come back still damp and dirty.  He keeps insisting they have been cleaned.  We are at a loss.

Thanks for writing in everyone and for your very insightful and funny feedback that provides us with so many talking points and new ponderings.


Resting after a job well done. #springbreak2017 #Simone #naughty

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