IdjitCast Season Five Episode Seventeen “99 Problems”

The town of Blue Earth, Minnesota is now a town of all hunters, and Sam & Dean are lucky enough to be rescued by the townspeople from a fairly tight spot. The townspeople have been instructed how to use a special Enochian exorcism, and are being directed to their targets by the minister’s daughter, who speaks with the angels. As the targets she points them to become more personal, it becomes clear that at least she is not speaking to angels, and may indeed be working a plan far darker.

It’s time for us to discuss “99 Problems” We will talk and you could hear us speak of:

Choosing Smurfier language for the episode.

Different religions have different definitions of the Smurf

The eschatology of “The Smurfs.”

“Don’t have that beer, kids. You’ll get dragged under a car and killed.”

Watch “Hot Fuzz,” you know, for the greater good.

We didn’t have to say Smurf too much, but then Dean did it enough for everyone.

Okay, “Smurfberry Crunch” takes on a whole different… yeah.

Further reseach shows that it must have been a different wedding Bridget Fonda was attending, as she didn’t marry Danny Elfman until about 10 years after that summer.

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