IdjitCast Season Five Episode Eighteen “Point of No Return”

Dean is on the edge of saying “Yes” to Michael, but the rest of our team pull him back. Then they find that he angels have brought back the Winchester’s half-brother Adam, as bait to lure Dean into saying yes. Can they work out a way to get Zachariah off their tails for good?

It’s time for us to discuss “Point of No Return” If you listen, then you could hear:


Pick your poison, booze or Haagen-dazs?

Necessary 80’s sitcom joke.

What can you mail?

Remember when school bears were a thing?

…and you know who “they” are…

Wait, didn’t they say that before?

Wait, didn’t they say that before?

My name’s Zachariah and I’m into internal injuries.

Tossed around by an invisible horse?

Crown and cheeseburger have to be seen… another Ramjack tangent.

Dean was dead dead.

That’s “The Hammer of God,” actually.

Or, that movie.

Tribulations, isn’t that a thing?

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