Yes Mother: Bates Motel, S5E2 “The Convergence of the Twain”

It’s week 2 and Em and Sue are having a great time discussing this season with all it’s intricacies.  There is so much to pull apart and we find ourselves interpreting many things differently, so hopefully that makes for an interesting discussion and no- Sue isn’t psychic– in the second half of this discussion we had a new audio trama, Em was on some sort of delay so Sue seemed to anticipate the ends of her sentences and we talk over each other more than usual (even if we didn’t actually).  Mose is creative in his meddling- I’ll give him that.  Next week, I should have that ironed out- SORRY AGAIN!  But all is right with the world anyway, because Norma is suddenly French and it’s fantastic!  Also, Em got served up some humble pie, rethinking how ready she is to experience the horrors of this season, no matter how excited she thought she was to experience it and Sue found a new bar for how much she could adore Chick.  (And I thought she hated people eating apples!– I guess Chick is the exception.)





Mére aime Romero

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