IdjitCast Season Five Episode Fourteen “My Bloody Valentine”

This week: naked angel-on-man action! (It’s not what you think.) The Horseman, Famine has come into town and people are hungrily fulfilling their urges. Sam must fight his thirst for demon blood, Castiel must put aside the sliders, and Dean needs to overcome an apparent deadness inside if they are all to overcome this latest foe.

Allie and Nathan rejoin us this week to discuss the episode “My Bloody Valentine.” Listen to the episode to hear mention of:

Drinking down a little Tom & Jerry.

Ladies and gentlemen, the miracle of the internet.

The crunch of biting your tongue.

Glad you said “flowers.”

“White Castle has the taste some people can’t live without.”

Get your sack of ten.

Hungry for drums.

Oh yeah we missed one…

Hunger for douchebaggery.

Doublemeat again.

Fixer Upper tangent.

Then checking out the Property Bros.

No surprises. Eat your children.

They Pop-Rocks-ed him.

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