IdjitCast Season Five Episode Thirteen “The Song Remains the Same”

Angelic time travel is hard. We can’t quite say if it is rougher on the angels or the Winchesters though. Anna is on her way to the late seventies to try taking out Mary Winchester to prevent Sam’s eventual birth. Castiel and the boys are hot on her heels, aided by the aforementioned rough trip.

The core crew discusses the episode this week, and you might hear:

The Song Retains the Name

Interruption pending

Everyone matters, or not.

Darcy investigates a crash, off-mic.

Hazel-Cat gives terminology feedback.

Satan and God pants-off dance-off. Possibly to Depeche Mode.

Tales from the Norovirus

Tina Time Turner. Or Cher.

Rock stars. Some are dead.

Eclipsed… by Tim Minear

It all happened in 1978.

Glad my dad wasn’t a priest.

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