Yes Mother, Bates Motel: S3E8 “The Pit”

01015c38a0e00fa17dc20b0ec0e4dde91e9f35f57bThis is the “Norma’s Mercedes Resurrection Podcast”! Unfortunately, it’s also the “Every Relationship on the show except for Dylemma’s Memorial Podcast”.  BOOOO!

ATTN: Normero Shippers
Get your dunglees on and come slip between the sheets of Mama Bear’s giant bed, because she has some theories and calming words to share with you. Don’t despair– this won’t be the last Resurrection Podcast we put out. Mark my words, and get tucked in as many times as you need, Mama Bear’s here and everything will be alright.



We also you know, read feedback and recap the whole episode and stuff.



Just for now…

01f929aa3857190766efb70d2654be3d317d64857cRIP, Nomero

*cue Woman*


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