IdjitCast Season Two Episode Thirteen “Houses of the Holy”

This week a priest’s spirit who lost his life in criminal violence mistakes himself as an angel. He then sends troubled people out to enact a supposed holy vengeance against those who would do harm in his parish. Sam is directed to kill someone by the spirit, and he believes it might actually be an angel instructing him to work God’s will. Can Dean convince Sam to ignore the supposed angel’s instruction and put the spirit to rest?

This week Heidi joins us as:

Paul might possibly be a bit sloppy by the end of this, the start certainly is sloppy.

But Paul does correctly identify the “Magnum P.I.” pilot “Don’t Eat the Snow in Hawaii.” In a tangent. (Duh.)

Is there a cat under there?

And of course those pop culture podcast clichés: mono vs polytheism, and determinism vs free will.

Our Lady of what now?

Paul drops a very subtle “Veronica Mars” reference. Had to be done, the considering the company present.

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