View from the Peaks: Episode Three – “Rest in Pain”

This one is a quiet episode, not too much in the way of oddity or drama – well, except for the moment when Laura’s father starts sobbing and throws himself on top of the casket.

Or maybe I’m just becoming use to the weirdness?

I mean, even the Log Lady’s open words seemed fairly sane.

The episode proper starts with Agent Cooper comin down for breakfast and who should be waiting for him but Audry. Now one of the ways this show got put onto my radar was a comparison of Jeff and Annie from “Community” to Agent Cooper and Audrey; while I haven’t seen enough Cooper/Audrey interaction to fully agree I do know that I’m gonna ship the two of them like I’m a UPS man.

The cuteness gets interrupted by the sheriff coming in wanting to know who killed Laura Palmer (drink)? Cooper has forgotten but really all they have to do is decode his dream and that will tell them.

Correction: In the last review I said Dr. Jacoby was the one in Cooper’s dream, it turns out I was wrong and it actually was a one armed man named Mike.

Cooper and the sheriff talk to some people, Laura’s funeral – and the aforementioned casket crying – happen, the Chinese woman who owns the mill tell the sheriff about a plot against her, and I start realizing why the newspapers printed charts because it’s only been four episodes and I’m having a hard time keeping everyone straight.

Quote of the Episode: “Nothing beats the taste sensation when maple syrup collides with ham.”

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