View from the Peaks: Who’s Who?

Only five episodes in and I’m having trouble keeping everyone straight so here are my notes (not the full cast of characters, just the ones that have made an impression so far).

TWIN PEAKS Laura and her family
Laura Palmer – girl whose death is at the center of the show.

Leland Palmer – Laura’s father, has some kind of business dealing with Ben Horne in the pilot.

Sarah Palmer – Laura’s mother, is having visions of Bob.

Maddy Ferguson — Laura’s cousin, looks just like her only with brown hair.


The Police
Sheriff Harry Truman – local sheriff, investigating Laura’s murder.

Special Agent Dale Cooper – FBI agent, investigating Laura’s murder.


The Teenagers
Donna Hayward – Laura’s best friend, was dating Mike Nelson but dumped him for James Hurley.

Bobby Briggs – Laura’s boyfriend, he’s sleeping with Shelly Johnson, he and his best friend Mike are dealing drugs which they buy from Leo Johnson.

James Hurley – an outsider at school, was secretly dating Laura, is now dating Donna, his uncle is Ed Hurley.

Audrey Horne – a classmate of Laura’s, has a crush on Agent Cooper.


The Lumber Mill
Pete Martell – found Laura’s body, married to Catherine Martell, brother-in-law to Josie Packard.

Catherine Martell – he brother Andrew owned the lumber mill and she’s mad that her sister-in-law got everything after Andrew’s death, is having an affair with Ben Horne, she and Ben are also plotting the downfall of the mill and Josie.

Josie Packard – born in Hong Kong, moved to America after her marriage to Andrew Packard, sole owner of the lumber mill after Andrew’s death, is dating Sheriff Truman.


The Dinner
Norma Jennings – owns the dinner, husband is in jail, having an affair with Ed Hurley

Shelly Johnson – waitress at the dinner, married to Leo, sleeping with Bobby.

Leo Johnson – trucker, married to Shelley (whom he beats), sells drugs to Bobby and Mike.

The Hotel
Ben Horne – owner of the hotel and Horne’s department store, father of Audrey, has business dealings with Leland Palmer, sleeping with Catherine Martell and whoever else he can.

Jerry Horne — Ben’s brother and business partner.


The Log Lady — A lady who carries around a log, maybe the sanest person in town?

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