Yes Mother Podcast, Bates Motel: S3E10 “Unconcious” Pt I (Episode Recap)

0150c370e9e581a0279b91a95f719bcc30eefc9690This is Part One of our podcast for the finale episode of Bates, S3. In part one I am including the episode recap only (which was the middle part of our recording- so if it lacks a proper beginning and a proper end, well that’s why). I chose to cut it this way, and leave feedback and the contest for Part II. You can relax- I’m not making you wait a week either- it will be out by Saturday, I just couldn’t release such a mega episode all in one go.

As for the show episode: well… lives were taken, kisses were had, kisses were not had. White PIne Bay did it’s job, and did it’s job well.

ps No, I can’t tell you why Sue’s typing errors were so funny. I just know that they were.

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