View from the Peaks: Episode Five – “Cooper’s Dreams”

Since the deal with the Norwegians feel through, Ben and his brother Jerry have been hustling to find new investors and all their hard work has paid off and the Great Northern Hotel throws open it’s doors to a large party of, loudly singing, Icelanders.

Partly to do his job and partly to get away from the loud singing Cooper gives Jacques Renault’s apartment a thorough going over which leads to the discovery of a hunting cabin.

On the trek to find the hunting cabin (and can I just take a minute to say Dale Cooper in a suit is nice, but Dale Cooper in a turtleneck and a FBI windbreaker is hot) Cooper and the gang come across the Log Lady, who invites them in tea because her log has things to tell them.

giphyThe teen sleuths have been hard at work, Audrey talked her father into giving her a job at the department store and Donna and James have found an ally in Laura’s cousin, who promises to snoop around Laura’s room.

Back at the hotel a welcome party is in full swing and we find out that sneaky Ben Horn is playing both sides of the mill drama.

And in an ending that left me squeeing for joy… well… I better not spoil it. All I will say is Kyle MacLachlan, please stop touching the tip of your tongue to your teeth; it’s makes everything go hazy and then I forget what is happening.
Quote of the episode: β€œDon’t make me leave. Please, don’t make me leave.”


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