IdjitCast Season Two Episode Fifteen, “Tall Tales”

Professors are thrown from windows, Sam & Dean roll around on a bed, alligators attack from the sewers, cakes are consumed, and there is an oh-so-special slow dance with an alien Gray. All on this week’s episode, “Tall Tales.”

So pour a few Purple Nurples and some of this will happen before your very ears:

Yvette is the Dean of IdjitCast, Darcy feels Bobby, and John has an audio approximation of resting bitchface.

Everyone roots for flesh consumption. Sadly, there is none.

Here are the five best places for poutine in Austin, TX:

And in Dallas, take note they all sound snobby.

Helpful tips for hotel stays.

Slow dance deficit.

You don’t just take that out in front of the guy…

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