View from the Peaks: Episode 2 – “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer”

What is it with the people of Twin Peaks stuffing their mouths with food? Last episode it was doughnuts, this time it’s bread. Did no one ever teach them basic manners? Finish one bite before taking the next.

Horne-Benjamin But honestly, bad eating habits are the least of the problems. In this episode we find out what “working the perfume counter at Horne’s department store” really means; Bobby tries to pick up some drugs that he already paid for; Agent Cooper shows us it’s not about detective work but the random throwing of rocks that determines a suspect; Audrey dances in the dinner; Laura’s dad fills this weeks quota of loud sobbing;and Agent Cooper goes to bed – and that when things real go off the rails.midgetThere’s a midget, the long haired Abed guy, Dr. Jacoby reciting poetry only he calls himself Mike and refers to long haired guy as Bob, the midget dances, and Agent Cooper wakes up with an idea of who killed Laura.

Quote of the episode: “Harry, meet me for breakfast, 7:00 am, the hotel lobby. I know who killed Laura Palmer. No, it <i>can</i> wait ’til morning.”

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