Yes Mother Podcast: Bates Motel S3E7 “The Last Supper”

Bates-Motel-The-Last-Supper-Season-3-Episode-7-02This week brought us another fantastic episode, after a run of fantastic episodes this season!  This week delivered it all: awesomely quotable Norma lines, Dylemma fans swooned as Dylan and Emma had stars in their eyes (where’s Norman?……Who??). Speaking of that attractive and masculine twit: Norman had some of his creepiest, most fantastic moments to date, and he absolutely does not want to sleep with his mother.  Nope- he’s never even thought of such a thing #mamabooty.  There was also a little something for the Normero shippers (Rates) oh boy- if you weren’t on that ship before, you are now.  By the way- HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THE ADORABLENESS THAT IS DRUNK ROMERO??  I could have met him before season 3.  So much wasted time.  We are so glad that the series will now just consist of nice, family dinners where everyone gets along and there is nothing but laughter and conversation…0_o #shhhhhh

Oh wait… was this episode called The LAST supper?


I also wonder…why is the whole world not watching this show?

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