The Big Bang Theory and The Bat Jar Conjecture – Can Friends Compete?

In Season 1, Episode 13 “The Bat Jar Conjecture” which airs tonight on the Big Bang Theory rewatch (aka it’s on five nights a week now check your local listings at, Sheldon is at odds with the rest of the gang over the psychics quiz bowl. In one of my favorite episodes of the season Leonard, Raj, Howard have enough of Sheldon’s superiority complex and decide to form a team against his own. The friends are divided and, as always, hilarity ensues.

I don’t know many friends who haven’t (at least once) competed. One of my favorite stories of competing comes from a time when the BtL folks were all playing games in my apartment. In one particularly harrowing card game Kim “was mean” to Emma, Emma’s response was devastating. The competition was hilarious. Within a couple rounds Kim’s cards were decemated and I don’t think Emma even won the game, but she did destroy Kim’s chance to.

Thankfully, everything in my circle of friends can be won over with a good round of Karaoke and, much like the Batman cookie jar in this week’s episode, it soothed the friendship (but the incident is still infamous).

Can’t get enough of The Big Bang Theory? Well, The Big Bang Theory is now on 5 Night a Week visit to check your local listings.

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