So You Think You Can Dance – Top 14

This weeks fluff was a recap of the Highs and Lows of the last month. Janette told us about how much she loved her rocker girl costume, Kayla and Kupono talked about the challenge of getting a new partner, Evan mentioned how much he liked working with all the different choreographers, Caitlin shared how much pressure there is being in the bottom three two weeks in a row, Philip explained that he knew the moment his paint ripped, Melissa talked about how much she loved the first live show and Karla teared up over losing her partner last week.

Janette & Brandon – Cha Cha

They were powerful, dynamic and HOT! In fact they were Hot Tamale Train hot!

Kayla & Kupono – Contemporary

Let me once again sing the praises of Sonya Tayeh, her genus is just amazing and this couple was wonderful in her vision.

Randi & Evan – Broadway

Oh, Evan… how I love him! Even when he was just sitting he was awesome, and somehow Randi was even better!

Caitlin & Jason – Pop-Jazz

This was an amazingly creative routine – odd idea, but creative. The technique they showed was wonderful, but I felt that Caitlin needed to be stronger with her facial expression.

Jeanine & Philip – Hip-Hop

This was so un-freaking-believable! This is going to be a number that people will be talking about for a long time. And when Philip pulled the key out at the end… the look on Jeanine’s face was just heartbreaking.

Melissa & Ade – Pas da Deux

The emotion just pouring out everywhere. The twinkle that Melissa had through out this was just so breathtaking. I was nearly in tears at the beauty of this.

New Couple: Karla & Vitolio – Quickstep

This was such a wonderful example of a quickstep: lighthearted, frothy and fast.

Naomi’s Favorites:

Jeanine & Philip

Melissa & Ade

Kayla & Kupono

Naomi’s Bottom Three:

Caitlin & Jason

Janette & Brandon

Karla & Vitolio

“So You Think You Can Dance” air Wednesday at 8:00pm and Thursday at 9:00pm on Fox.

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