Smallville Season 10 on DVD/Blu – Favorite Moments

It’s hard to believe Smallville is over. The show started just while I was still in college and now it’s 10th Season is available!

Here’s some of our favorite moments from Season 10:


1. Clark Meets His Future Self – In the episode Homecoming, Brainiac 5 plays the part of the ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.  One of the things he does is take Clark to the future where he sees that Lois knows his secret and is ok with it.  He also meets his future self and realizes that he doesn’t need to fear the future. (Homecoming)


2. Clark Tells Lois He’s the Blur – Of course she knew already, but was waiting for him to tell her.  Clark decides, after almost losing Lois, that he wants to be with her.  The great moment is when Clark realizes Lois already knew. (Isis)


3. Real Smallville Fans Talk About the Blur – The heroes are in a bad place.  The government wants the vigilanteism to stop.  Clark is questioning his destiny, so Lois and Chloe show him videos of people proclaiming their support of the Blur.  The videos are actually Smallville fans that sent in the videos, reflecting about ten years of the show while sounding like they’re talking about the Blur. (Beacon)


4. Lex Luthor Returns – Of all the returning characters in the final season, Lex Luthor was the most anticipated.  The build up was incredible, and we finally got to see Clark and Lex as the enemies we know from the comics.  (Finale)


5. Seeing Clark in the Suit and Flying – We’ve waited ten years for this, and it was absolutely worth it.  The moment that Clark makes the decision to fly is very powerful.  He embraces his destiny while still keeping all of his previous adventures in Smallville a part of who he is.  Then, he wears the suit and we see the people of Metropolis looking up at their new here. (Finale)


What were your favorite moments from Season 10?




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