People’s Choice Awards: 2 Broke Girls

2 Broke Girls is up for best new comedy in the Peoples Choice Awards. One of my favorite parts of the show has been that the two main girls are broke, but following their dreams. Max and Caroline’s dream is opening their own cupcake business and they’re working to make it happen. It often inspires me in a way because I’ve been working hard in school and now, deep in the process of applying for PhD programs.  A lot of times it feels like too much work, but my dream is to teach at college level – so I need to work at it.


There’s a ton of great shows, movies, music to vote for so make sure you check it out. Click here to vote for your favorites in the People Choice Awards:



I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People’s Choice Awards.


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