People’s Choice Awards!

The People’s Choice Awards are up for voting, the one award show where you have a part to play in who gets the win. This is a great chance for shows that never get the recognition we viewers feel they deserve. Head on over to: and vote for your favorite stars, music and TV shows!

For my money, here’s some of my picks and why:

Favorite Movie

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Very rarely do I say this, but this movie was better than the originals. Very funny, lots of Johnny Depp, an interesting plot line and amazing visuals. “I had stirrings,” for this movie.
Favorite Book Adaptaion
  • Soul Surfer – Had to go with the underdog on this one. Soul Surfer was a great showing by a small film company.

Favorite Network TV Drama

  • Supernatural  – Despite a lot of fan wank over this season, I think it’s been fantastic. Did you see the Fall finale? Had me on the edge of my seat at the end and screaming at the TV. Supernatural pulls off with a small cast what most TV series can only dream of – it has warmth, heart, and monsters. What more could we want? Jared and Jensen deserve massive amounts of praise for delivering stellar performances every week. The amount of emotion and angst the two can portray in a couple simple looks is amazing. So my votes for SPN all the way.
Favorite Cable TV Drama
  • Pretty Little Liars – Over the past years the quality of Cable TV shows has gone up considerably, so this is a rough call for me, but while some of the other TV shows in this category have been dropping in quality and interest, Pretty Little Liars only gets better. Sure, it’s a bit teenagey drama, but that’s what people tune in to see. Great cast, creepy moments and great production makes this a win for this category.
Favorite Network TV Comedy
  • The Big Bang Theory – Need I explain this one? Not only is it the geeky contender, but every episode is so tightly written that I am constantly fascinated by how true the episodes stay to the story. The creators once said they only wanted to tell stories that could only be told on the Big Bang Theory, and they’ve stayed true to that wish. The expanded cast these past two seasons have made the show more balanced, more fun and a must watch every week. Slam dunk win for TBBT.
Favorite TV Crime Drama
  • Castle. Though I watch several of these shows, Castle is the only one that keeps getting better and better. The great story lines with the characters make it more than just your average procedural. And, they do all that without having to get the drama of whose sleeping with whom (*cough Bones cough*), whose in charge (*cough CSI cough*) or how can we outgross ourselves this week (cough Criminal Minds cough).
Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show
  • Fringe – Fringe is one of the shows that I often berate people for not watching. It’s smart, it’s sassy, and has one of the best actors on TV on it (John Noble who plays Walter). Fringe is a bit mind bending, but isn’t that what SciFi is all about?
Favorite Guest Star
  • Michael J. Fox (The Good Wife) – I have to go with the nostalga vote here (and I don’t even watch the show), but seeing MJ back on TV was awesome. He was my first celebrity crush, so I have to give the vote to him.
Favorite New TV Drama
  • Person of Interest – I was skeptical, I admit. The premise seemed a bit hard to believe, but Person of Interest is extremely interesting. And major kudos for the recent guest apperance of Enrico Colantoni. Now if they could only get Kristen Bell. Close runner up is Ringer, despite some of the cheeseballness. There’s a lot of great choices in this category so vote Chicago style, early and often!
Favorite New TV Comedy
  • 2 Broke Girls – In today’s economy you need a laugh, and 2 Broke Girls is it. I was already a huge fan of Kat Dennings, and her role in Thor sold me entirely. If you haven’t yet caught this show, go watch, laugh and love.
Vote  in the People’s Choice Awards, it’s one small way you can give back to the shows, movies and music you love. And it’s a lot of fun!
I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote WBTV shows nominated in the People’s Choice Awards. I was able to pick the shows I discussed and the opinions are my own.



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