Now You Too Can Have a Mad Men Bed


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clubfurniturestore_2070_6200201Tired of the boring old headboard (or lack of) that you have on your bed? When you watch Mad Men are you really staring at Draper’s headboard and thinking, “man that would be great to lean against and read?” Then you, my friend, are in luck.

Now available at is the Tufted Draper bed inspired by the hit TV show Mad Men. I personally would love a Inara style bed inspired by the cult-TV show Firefly, but this one is rather nice and retro.

To ease any uncertainties about purchasing furniture online, offers a 30-day in-home trial. If customers are not completely satisfied with their bed or any other piece of furniture, they can contact within that time frame to return the piece(s) and receive a refund. Purchasers also receive a full bed frame and workmanship warranty.

So, check it out, and buy one for yourself. Sorry the actual Don Draper is not included.


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