Taking Care of Your Clothes With Downy, Bounce and Janie Bryant from Mad Men

Downey Wrinkle Releaser

I’m horrible when it comes to taking care of my clothes. I dump them all in together, wash them cold and HATE ironing. SO I was very excited when I was offered “The FabricCare Guide” by costume designer, Janie Bryant, who is best known for her work on Mad Men.

A page from the Fabric Guide by Janie Bryant

The guide is a beautifully illustrated book with illustrations and pictures of garments from the show. There’s even tiny fabric swatches! If you want first class advice on how to take care of your own clothes like a pro (or just want a really fun Mad Men tie in) check out the downloadable guide here: www.downywrinklereleaser.com/janiebryant.  There’s also a coupon there so you can try Downy’s Wrinkle Releaser for yourself.

“One thing I’ve always been passionate about is how important presentation is to having great style,” said Bryant. “Looking pressed and polished is often just as important as what you’re wearing and the best way to pull off that look is to know how to take great care of your clothing.”

The advice is tied in with Downy’s new Wrinkle Releaser. For folks like me who hate ironing it’s a welcome relief. You simply spray on, tug and smooth out the serious wrinkles and hang it up. Obviously it’s not a last minute product (unless you’re willing to go out with a damp shirt or pants), but it is a nice alternative to ironing. I used it on a skirt that I had forgotten to hang up immediately out of the dryer and it reduced the visible wrinkles pretty quickly (and I didn’t burn anything down). And, the plus side is it smells great!

I also received a bottle of Bounce’s new ironing spray. It acts like starch, but without the annoying smell or flakes you sometimes get from starching your clothes and ironing. For the times that I do have to iron I’m happy to have this around.

Both are available at big box retailers like Target and Walmart or check your local grocery store.


I received  free samples of Bounce Ironing Spray and Downey Wrinkle Release along with a hard copy of “The FabricCare Guide” for free, but all opinions are my own and I do my best to give my honest, amazingly insightful review of any free products I receive.

Now You Too Can Have a Mad Men Bed


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clubfurniturestore_2070_6200201Tired of the boring old headboard (or lack of) that you have on your bed? When you watch Mad Men are you really staring at Draper’s headboard and thinking, “man that would be great to lean against and read?” Then you, my friend, are in luck.

Now available at ClubFurniture.com is the Tufted Draper bed inspired by the hit TV show Mad Men. I personally would love a Inara style bed inspired by the cult-TV show Firefly, but this one is rather nice and retro.

To ease any uncertainties about purchasing furniture online, clubfurniture.com offers a 30-day in-home trial. If customers are not completely satisfied with their bed or any other piece of furniture, they can contact clubfurniture.com within that time frame to return the piece(s) and receive a refund. Purchasers also receive a full bed frame and workmanship warranty.

So, check it out, and buy one for yourself. Sorry the actual Don Draper is not included.