TV Review: Big Brother 11 The Final Five


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Last time we were left without knowing who would win HOH.

Spoilers after the jump.

Kevin put up a good fight, but Jeff was victorious in the end. He nominated Natalie and Kevin, which was to be expected. However, after nominations, Natalie and Kevin started working on getting Jeff to turn on Russell.

They told Jeff that Russell is a bigger threat and that they won’t nominate him next week. Of course after he is out of the room, they talk about they have to get Jeff out next week. The Veto competition was played and Jeff was victorious once again.

Jordan and Jeff discussed it and decided it was in their best interest to take out Russell. The Veto ceremony was very tense. Jeff removed Kevin from the block and replaced him with Russell. This makes Jeff the number one bad guy in Russell’s eyes.

Russell did not take this well. There were a lot of fights and even threats. Russell was really trying to get Jeff to fight him, but Jeff remained calm for the most part. Jordan almost came to blows with Russell at one point, though.

Russell scrambled to make other deals. He told Kevin it would be better for him to keep Russell. He tried to make a final two deal, but none of it seemed to work. Russell was evicted 3 to 0, with not even his ally Michele voting to keep him.

The HOH competition was started, but once again was not finished by the end of the show. The HOH will be revealed on Sunday, along with a secret behind a door that could affect everyone in the game.

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