Yes Mother Podcast ep #14 S2E3: “Caleb”

imageWhat is the female equivalent of the man crush? Because I think I have one of those on Norma Bates.

Welcome back guests! In this week’s episode “Caleb”, Norma makes a new friend. Dylan’s job is becoming a more dangerous place to be because of his new boss Zane. Emma organizes a memorial for Bradley at the beach. Norman makes a new friend and Norma’s brother Caleb comes to White Pine Bay. Join Emily and Sue as they discuss these things and more on the latest episode of Yes Mother Podcast.

(Note from the editor: More is the operative word! I had to edit and edit and finally whittled it all down to still way too long. So, I dumped a bit of stuff on over to the What We’ve Been Watching segment, including our WTB moments and ratings. All that will be out later in the week, in the name of me not having to listen to it all again and make more cutting decisions so this can come out in a timely manner and I keep my sanity in tact. I wouldn’t want to develop some split personality which kills editing software and podcasts and stuffs them with sawdust and… Anyway…NEVER AGAIN CAN WE LET THIS HAPPEN! But this episode was just so interesting and brought up interesting things and I finally watched stuff and The Walking Dead was so crazy… Love, Emily)

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