Idjitcast Season Two Episode Four “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things”

This week, a visit to their mother’s grave puts Dean atop a giant circle of dead plant matter. Is it, as Sam asserts, some kind of groundskeeping mishap? Well, it this show called “Groundskeeping?” See Jon Cryer resurrect his crush to possibly be his ice-cold zombie lover from beyond the grave. “Really?” you ask. To which I confess, “Well, sorta…”

We celebrate the triumphant return of Allie to the Idjitcast, and…

Iris’ cough continues.

We make parallels between the cold open, Nick Cage, and Bill Murray…

We ponder Fletch casting for a new millenium.

Tangent fans will enjoy the whole episode, and should listen after the closing music this week…

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