Sue Watches Buffy #22 Part I (S5: E5-7)

500px-0101buffy-spike-fool-for-love-james-marsters-sarah-michelle-gellarWhat do you get when you combine Emily, Sue, special guest Carol, and the episode’s Fool For Love and Darla amongst others? Answer: An extra big discussion. Part one is bigger then part two, but I just couldn’t cut it off before Fool For Love, so they’re uneven. I think I will be forgiven, and I’m trying to stay on track, so watch for part II in just a few days.

This episode will answer a few of your questions, such as: Did Sue like Fool For Love or is she off the podcast?  Next week is it just going to be called “Em Watches Buffy”?  How did she feel about Spike’s human persona? Join us as we give you our take on these epic episodes and discuss them as only Em and Sue can. (Long and yes- a few bits of laughter.)

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