IdjitCast Season Two Episode Five “Simon Said”

This week, a man who can “push” people to get what he wants. What he wants is to live in a van reading philosophy and smoking a rather large bong. He can get coffee from people, and if he fancies a certain Impala, why this nice young man named Dean gives him the keys. The problem in this idyllic existence turns out to be his previously unknown evil twin brother, who also “pushes” people. The brother pushes people to kill other people and/or themselves, at the encouragement of a helpful yellow-eyed fellow. When the pushier pusher pushes the less-pushy pusher, can only the pushiest pusher can push on to survival? (Hey, I didn’t have to read it aloud, so what the hell?)

Superguest Carol Swift joins us as things become apparent:

Paul’s voice is thrashed this time.

John’s had his coffee.

Yvette’s going to name the characters as she will.

We get to the “meat” of the main cast issue…

Did someone burn some peanut butter?

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