Sue Watches Buffy #23 (S5: eps Shadow- Into the Woods)


Hey guys– This week Em and Sue take a look at the Buffy episodes Shadow, Listening to Fear, and Into the Woods. Yeah, we also talked about The Shroud of Rahmon because Emily thought we would breeze through these Buffys and could tack on that Angel episode at the end. Instead we had lots to say about this string of episodes (and surprisingly it wasn’t all just partying over Riley’s departure). We still recorded it that night, but frankly- I had to cut a lot out to make this podcast a reasonable length. Luckily, we have plenty of room in the next batch of episodes to nestle it in there (yes, we already recorded it).

Also featured in the next podcast will be an extended version of events of Sue attending her first Comic Con. So if you want to hear more- it’s coming.

Did I mention Riley is gone? Yes? Well, it was definitely worth mentioning again.

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