IdjitCast Season Three Episode Two “The Kids Are All Right”

In this week’s episode, Dean looks in on an old flame, or rather an old fling perhaps. She has a son roughly the age he last saw her, give or take 9 months or so. Dean makes natural assumptions about this boy. Meanwhile, some manner of creatures are becoming evil doppelgängers of the children in town, and feeding on the unsuspecting parents.

Darcy and Paul at time of recording had completed a cross-country road trip from MN to CO and back. At time of editing, Paul just has done the whole trip a second time.

Nutty joins us once more and we get to discussion, you may hear:

Deja vu? We get a doubling-up of coverage of an email, completely avoidable via editing. However there was an extended tangent that would make no sense without it.

We can forge ahead like Intro to X, almost.

Wanna eat a lamprey? Apparently some people do.

Short of? Nope, that kid fires up the Evinrude!

Anti-bully strategies, in the real world.

Between Sam and… -Who now?

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