IdjitCast Season Three Episode Nine “Malleus Maleficarum”

Witches, crafting their… witchcraft. A coven of witches have set up shop in a small town where they pledge devotion to a dark force in exchange for… raffle prizes, a raise, a successful home business and a lower interest rate on home loans. When things turn darker, when the dark force comes to the surface, can the boys talk some sense into these homemakers of evil? When the dark force rises can Ruby talk some sense into the boys before it is too late?

Join us as we look through the episode, and listen as things come up:

Pas de poop.

A history chunk.

No, you won’t hear the dental confessions from the pre-show.

Wasn’t that bad enough anyway?

Dogs tangent.

Time to goodbye student loans…

Darcy asks questions she doesn’t really want answered.

Voicemail! Sort of…

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