IdjitCast Season Three Episode Eight “A Very Supernatural Christmas”

If it’s a green Christmas this year, you can blame global warming. Or perhaps you should find the most gung-ho of your holiday-celebrating neighbors, and impale them on spruce branches. Almost definitely the former. No really, just global warming… Unless your name is Winchester and you are on television, you really should just blame global warming. …Possibly even then.

This week Annie rejoins us for the full episode analysis. You will find insightful commentary, but there’s also plenty of shenanigans like:

A sack of googly eyes comes up early.

Still October, and we get a visit from an old friend…

Yes, Paul, 2006 was the previous year when this aired.

Paul uses subtle mind tricks to get John talking.

Sweets history among early pagans?

I scream, you scream, we all scream for porn scream.

What would a “toe-operated car bonnet” have to do with it?

Paul cut it down with his little ax.

Somehow we get down to “Better Off Dead.”

90’s Dean took Band-Aids off in one go.

John gives the winning quote.

Paul the film student fails to recommend “Man Bites Dog” to Yvette the serial-killer-watching fan.

Barbie, why’re you hittin’ yourself?

What isn’t a fun place for googly eyes?

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