IdjitCast Season Three Episode Fourteen “Long Distance Call”

Sam and Dean work telephonic disturbances from beyond the grave in this filler- um I mean this week’s episode, “Long Distance Call.”

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John, Yvette, and Paul are back this week to discuss the episode in depth. Listen and you may hear…

Paul references “Chuck” while talking about the WGA strike. He is definitively wrong. “Chuck” was picked up for a 13-episode run, and due to the strike NBC renewed for a second season rather than add any more to that first season order. After further research into network schedules for that season, it is unclear what show Paul was thinking of.

Nice fangs, what are those for?

Spoiler alert, the rating is going to be low…

SHA33 means… as much as your fangs apparently.

Yvette has patterned curtains.

Phoning in your role, literally.

Needed some Cosby?

Who needs a tech guy when you can stroke the cables and control the phone system?

We come up with better versions of the episode. Really.

Sandra Bullock’s “The Net” Betcha didn’t see that one coming up in this did ya?

Corbett? Too soon.

Brad Cupples is a great guy to know, online or otherwise.

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