IdjitCast Season Three Episode Five “Bedtime Stories”

Fairy tales are taking over a small town in upstate New York. Little Pigs, Big Bad Wolves, and Sam and Dean. Okay Sam and Dean aren’t fairy tales, but they must work out the cause of the re-enactments before the grimmest of the Grimm tales kill off more townspeople.

Heidi joins us this week, and you will hear:


“I didn’t do it, that’s what’s not wrong with me.”

“Corden with a C.”

“…the nastiest people in the world.”

“His genie told him!!!”

“This, my fellow Idjits, is nuts…

“…and we didn’t even have to have any MOO.”

“Let’s just pretend that didn’t happen and move on.

-Hit him with the bridle!”

We’ve already had a Djinn on this show. And it wasn’t like that.”

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