IdjitCast Season Three Episode Fifteen “Time is on My Side”

This week, it’s back to business for the brothers, following separate paths to the same goal of saving Dean from eternal torment and eventual demonhood. Dean chases down Bela to retrieve the Colt while Sam risks his eyes for the secret of eternal life.

This week the whole crew is back together, so listen as we discuss “Time is on My Side.” You’ll hear:

Recording from a new & exotic location. (Hint: There’s a couch)

Tangents? We love ‘em!

We get a couple sentences in, then it’s “50 Ways to Love Your Liver.”

Nobody wanted to eat Gary Coleman. (Well, maybe Gordon Jump…)

Guinea Pig is tasty. Fweep Fweep.

Really, it gets back to the point. Shortly.

Rice is nice. Maggot sweater also.

He puts on his arms one arm at a time, like everybody else.

Slurpy reattachment noises.  Not as simple as popping corn…

Rufus/Mr. X but he’s clearly Capt. Fuller.

Special note: there isn’t really an Erie, Indiana, other than a couple tiny unincorporated communities of under 500 people.

Northern Exposure’s Darren Burrows is Billy Drago’s kid.

“Only science…” Uh. Huh.

“Excited Dawn hands.”

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