IdjitCast Season Three Episode Eleven “Mystery Spot”

This week, Dean’s simple banking errand takes a bad turn over and over and- No wait! Dean has to fetch a mummy hand from a basement-no, still not it. Dean is trapped in a small New England town… Nope.

Aaron Jackson is back to go over the episode with us and you may hear…

Sometimes there’s nothing more suspicious than beef stew… except perhaps a pig in a poke?

Glasses doctor needed!

By the way, here’s a pig in a poke for you.

Challenge Paul on QuizUp, if you dare! (Just no Supernatural trivia that likely contains spoilers.)

Animated episodes of various series.

Luckily narrowly missed Supernatural spoilers on Potentialcast.

Really cold day in Florida…

Douglas Adams and his possible influence on “Friends.”

The eternal wisdom of Geena Davis.

When it comes down to cutting a whole bit out or the triumphant return of the tangent bell who will win???

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