IdjitCast Season Six Episode Sixteen(really this time) “And Then There Were None”

There’s guest stars, and worms. They go through a lot of housecleaning, clearing out some less-loved characters, or perhaps some more-loved characters. Heck, a bit of both, really. Can this be the end of sudden transitions during this season?

Bianca joined us to talk through “And Then There Were None.”

We’ll do that, and also maybe:

Where am I?

Beware the Hammer Man

Don’t beware the Hammer Pants

Sister Bobby?

Whatchoo talkin’ ‘bout Agent Willis?

Nitpick the eardrum.

Notice gooey discharge.

What? “Find a cane, Brennen?” Who’s Brennen? Huh?

Just one gun each.

So… she’s pretty broken up about it then?

The Cordelia Chase Memorial Death Fakeout

Another unanswerable question.

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