IdjitCast Season Six Episode Sixteen “The French Mistake”

*Deep Breath* Season… Six… The boys have swapped themselves in for a guy named Jensen Ackles and some polish guy. This is all courtesy of a spell baked up by Balthazar. Will they ever find their way back into their “real world?” Or will they just have to live off some actors’ fortunes the rest of their lives? They certainly won’t make a living acting…

Nutty was on meta-alert, and joined the regulars plus Fox as we discussed “The French Mistake.”

Give it a listen, and see if we really mention:

Iris too for a minute.


Not up on Turtles.

Something about Moose toes?

Don’t blame me, I just live here. but wouldn’t you rather listen to the whole thing?

It’s cool to be a male cheerleader. (But Fox doesn’t feel like it.)

We want ice cream cake.

We may have lost the tangent bell, but Nutty does impressions.

Fox keeps us on-task.

It’s real. See above.

What kind of bone is that? Great interview, David!

Wait, who’s who?

Gun store doesn’t work out factually. (Well, this universe’s Canada might be different from the one on the show)

Dad burn.

9/10 Stop looking at me’s?

Listen to Dog Days

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