IdjitCast Season Six Episode Four “Weekend at Bobby’s”

Bobby has a life of his own, and a neighbor who serves him cobbler, too. When will he get to eat it, however, with Rufus, Sam, Dean and Crowley all in his way at every turn?

This week is the main discussion of “Weekend at Bobby’s,” and Matt A. is joining the members of our podcast (and cats Hazel and Roland will look on). You can hear our thoughts, and also perhaps:

Jensen directs the Zeppo.

Big… dogs?

La-what now!?

Distressing details.

Chippin’ stuff.

The first three rows WILL get gory.

Soon we’ll be making another run.

Do I have to be back?

You can’t hear the sounds of the harbor, but we’ll talk about it at length anyway.

The actor was not in fact already a ghost.


Misplaced bones.

Halfass King Missile reference.

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