IdjitCast Season Six, Cluster A!

Welcome to the strange new world known as Supernatural Season Six! Tonight, we discuss three episodes in a row, in a format that will be familiar if you have been listening since the IdjitCast reboot. The episodes under discussion are: 6×01 Exile on Main St., 6×02 Two and a Half Men, and 6×03 The Third Man.

We are just the core group tonight, but we can still get talking, maybe topics like:

A little “ngggguh?”

It looked pretty okay.

We’ll get into it later.

Pushing the McGruff.

Hard to say Syzygy, no matter what.

Hard to keep in the Church Lady.

Old baby hat.

Don’t hate the baby, hate the game.

No, really, we said “shift” but bleeped it just for fun.

Baby was in the corner. No, the other one.

Yes, we’ll keep calling him that.

Post-pubescent glow.

Yup, it’s real butt paste.

Just a touch of gun discussion.

Strike up the huh?

Mr. Brown Can Binge, Can You?

She said “shift” too.

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