IdjitCast Season Five Episode Twenty-Two “Swan Song”

This is it, the Apocalypse. Time for Sam to say “Yes” to Michigan. No, wait… to say “Yes” to Lucifer. Then they zap Lucifer back in his cage. But it can’t be that simple, or we wouldn’t get a television hour out of it.

Aaron Jackson joins us to discuss “Swan Song.” Inevitably, we also get on with other things as well, things like:

Paul knows his fellow podcasters.

Mmm, Kool-Aid

Don’t look a gift outline in the mouth, Paul.

Time to count tines.

Repose with a reputation.

Doing the hokey pokey.

Bobby leads to BBQ.


Eating mashed potatoes and moving on…

Yeah, not sure what Schrodinger’s Weiner represents.

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