IdjitCast Season Seven Cluster F

Last week, we watched an episode take the highest combined ratings ever given by our hosts! This week: Cluster F. What does that mean? Listen to find out.

Yvette was unable to join us but provided brief reviews and ratings for the ratings segments for episodes 7×21 “Reading is Fundamental” and 7×22 “There Will Be Blood”

Listen this week to hear:

Actual loveliness.

Blame it on builders.

Sorry/Not Sorry.

Yeah, Death not the Devil.

Better use of a teen on Supernatural.

That clay was clay last week, wasn’t it?

Pour one out for Rickman.

Cigarette butts?

Alive as an act, though Bobby Hatfield is dead.

A royal tangent. Sorry, a royal-ty tangent.

Shared high points are okay.


Bobby Angel?

It’s a cookbook!

Mayor > Dick

Jumanji penis tangent.

Replicants and 7-year-olds.

Radishes or lay down a beet.

Snark was missing.

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