IdjitCast Season Seven Cluster B

This week, we covered Cluster B! 7×06 Slash Fiction, 7×07 The Mentalists, 7×08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!, 7×09 How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

The core podcasters were all on hand, and while we mostly stayed on-topic, you may also hear:

Stranger summaries.

Cast spoilers? Not from our experts.

Another mass shooting?

Oh, you mean this was satirical?

Yup, 12

I’m not smacking anybody

Bodies in the trunk question just before a test drive.

Babies and baby showers

Just kidding on the feedback

Pour one out for Mews. And Yertle.

We love Becky

We love Becky, but…

Dean’s-type brunettes.

Wrong is wrong

Rapey rapey rapey ew.

Allergic to roofie plotline, evidently.

Garth vs Ash? What do you think?

Paved with good intentions

I’m not gonna beat anybody… today

It starts with turd, people!

Oh! Because duck fat is all good and stuff…

Paul has a name for a turducken joint.

And then steps a reference to far.

But John brings it back with a killer pun.

Time out for stuffing

SMACK SLURP MUNCH MMMM is not the same as the characters played by who were a gyencologist/rapist who plunged from a cliff, then a District Attorney who looked just like him. Santa Barbara was a heck of a show, y’all.

Simone is upset?

There was time for just one more reference.

This is the house that Death built.

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